Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, finally together!

How many times have you wondered, “Should I use Vitamin C serum or Hyaluronic Acid serum today”?

Such dilemmas belong to the past!

ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics has created for you what you have been waiting for so long, the dermatologically tested for eyes and face, powerful anti-aging Meso Care Serum HA + Vit. C, which fights the signs of aging in a combined way!

Its light texture that does not stick, allows you to wear it daily under the day and night cream, but also alone, while it is excellent for use with Micro-needling, Gua Sha and Rollers. The results start to be seen only after a week of use!

It is the only serum formula that combines in the same product:

  • vitamin C.
  • hyaluronic acid microspheres in three different molecular forms!
  • plant stem cells.

Using daily hyaluronic acid of low, (10 –150 kDa), medium (150 –1300 kDa) and high (>1.30 MDa) molecular weight, you get a deeply moisturized and dehydrated skin and reduced expression wrinkles and fine lines in the eye area, face, neck and décolleté.

The antioxidant vitamin C makes the skin glow, increases its elasticity, reduces the size of the pores, discolors the spots and at the same time protects from the oxidative stress caused by the sun, the radiation from the screens and the atmospheric pollution.

Plant stem cells accelerate natural cell renewal and regeneration, activating the natural production of stem cells from the epidermis.

All the ones who love minimalist products and want to save time and money, you know now!

It’s time to get the Meso Care Serum HA + Vit C too!


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