The return of dark circles

black circles

… And suddenly you realize that the dark circles that you had forgotten all summer, are back for good, even more intense!

Do you wonder what happens every fall and the dark circles become more intense?

Autumn and spring are transitional periods for our body, as it prepares for the demanding winter or summer.

Also, the summer tan that “covered” the dark circles for so long, has begun to fade!

Dark circles are created by the accumulation of blood components such as hemoglobin and blood metabolic products such as iron, in the area under the eyes.

But don’t you worry, there is a solution! It is the advanced Eye Contour Cream Aphrodite that was developed and prepared in the laboratory of ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics and it is really something completely different from what you have tried so far!

Its advanced bioactive ingredients activate the removal of blood pigments that are responsible for the appearance of dark circles, but also local inflammation (swollen eyes).

At the same time, the action of Eye Contour Cream Aphrodite is enhanced with biotechnological peptides, plant stem cells and plant extracts. Their aim is to increase the lymphatic circulation in order to improve the appearance of swollen and tired eyes, but also to maximize the performance of its bioactive ingredients that remove dark pigments that cause dark circles.

But we are not done!

In addition to dark circles and tired eyes, Eye Contour Cream Aphrodite of ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics will take care of the fine lines, wrinkles and moisturizing the eye area.

You haven’t tried it yet?

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