The Productive truancy of AZK at ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics

The Productive truancy of AZK

 at ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics

 Τhe educational programme “Productive truancy” organized by Alexander Innovation Zone for the school year 2020-2021 and the students of the first class of the Intercultural Vocational High School of Evosmos, accompanized by their teacher Katerina Tsamouri, visited virtually ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics, one of the most innovative companies in the production of Hebal Holistic Cosmetics in Greece, on March 19, 2021.

As part of the “visit”, the Alexandrer Innovation Zone, through an interactive discussion, introduced the students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. Then the founder of ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics, Ms. Aphrodite Tsesmesidou, Chemist-Environmentalist, narrated the history and the most important milestones of ZELIA, including an in-depth presentation the activities of ZELIA Holistic Cosmetics. Moreover, by a virtual tour in the production areas and laboratories, she explained to the students in detail the manufacturing, packing and quality control of the required procedures, to obtain high quality of final products. Ms. Tsesmesidou presented the philosophy of ZELIA and discussed the importance of innovation for ZELIA. She highlighted that the products of ZELIA are oriented towards a “Vegan” and “Clean Beauty” conception. Therefore, it is important for ZELIA the emphasis on environmental protection and awareness, the utilization of Greek raw materials, the development of Holistic original formulations and overall the use of safe ingredients, free from any element that is potentially or proved harmful for both humans and the environment.

As Ms. Tsesmesidou emphasized, “Knowledge and passion can make someone stand out from the crowd,” urging students to constantly receive new knowledge and “love everything they do.”

Later on, the students had the opportunity to discuss about methods for product promotion. Also were informed about the professional specializations that collaborate with ZELIA and the corresponding studies that one could follow. The event concluded with a case study supervised by Ms. TSESMESIDOU, during which the students were invited to “create” and promote in groups their own innovative cosmetic product that will be environmental friendly and aligned with the principles and philosophy of ZELIA. The winning team was “John and the Gorgeous” with the slogan “Because to us the face has priority”.

ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics is a family-owned company, approved by EOF (Greek Medicines Agency). Its R&D laboratory is based in Thermi, develops original research (R&D) and produces holistic cosmetics, applying a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system. ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics aims to be the first brand in Greece, that expresses the need for a minimalist, cleaner, safer, and greener approach in the field of dermocosmetics. Its natural cosmetics contain safe ingredients and are free from any element that has been proven or potentially might be harmful to humans and the environment, such as synthetic silicones and polyacrylates, parabens, synthetic oils, BHT, BHA, SLS, SLES, PEGS etc.

The Productive Truancy educational program is approved by the Ministry of Education and Religions and aims to help students to gain information about professional orientation, development and career planning, through direct contact with businesses that apply innovative productive processes.

Student’s testimonials about the “Productive Truancy”:

“I learned a lot of new things in a very pleasant atmosphere!”

“This program was very interesting because we spent our time creatively”

“Continue organizing activities like this, as they help us get out of school contexts.”

Warm thanks to the Management of ZELIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics for the kind hospitality and support.

For more information: Lida Papatzika, AZK Communication Manager, Tel. 2316-019621, email: