These Terms and Conditions apply to goods sold through the electronic shop or by telephone, by the enterprise named “AFRODITI TSESMESIDOU – ERGASTIRIO PARAGOGIS FITIKON KALLYNTIKON” [PLANT COSMETICS MANUFACTURING LABORATORY]”, with the distinctive title “ΖЄLIA-HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS”. The company seat is in Thermi, Thessaloniki, GR 57001, at 20 Leontos Sofou Street, P.O.Box D1807, VAT Nr: GR047375083, 7th Tax Office of Thessaloniki and General Commercial Register Number (G.E.MH.) 14779620500.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the goods sold through its online store or by phone, of the company under the name “TSESMESIDOU AFRODITI – HERBAL COSMETICS PRODUCTION LABORATORY” with the distinctive title “ZALMET-HER 57” 20 Leontos Sofou Street – PO Box 60830, with Tax Identification Number: 047375083, Tax Office G ‘Thessaloniki and General Commercial Register number (GEMI) 14779620500. “ZELIA-HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS” is responsible for the distribution and produce of cosmetics and personal care products, which it develops through research and development (R&D) .

Those who transact with the www.zeliacosmetics.com electronic shop must be of age and have full capacity to perform legal acts.  The contract may be prepared in the English or the Greek language.

By visiting or using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and agreed, that without limitation or deviations, you are bound by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Confidentiality Policy, which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions that have been prepared in accordance with national (Law No 2251/1994, Law No 2472/1997 and Law No 3471/2006) and European Legislation. This contract covers the www.zeliacosmetics.com webpage, every product sale through it, as well as the information that may be given, in any way, when you contact the company. Any deviation from this contract has to be confirmed by www.zeliacosmetics.com in writing, while all other terms and conditions are explicitly excluded.  By becoming a member or/and concluding purchases at www.zeliacosmetics.com through electronic mail or telephone order, you automatically accept these terms and conditions. If a user does not agree with these terms, they should avoid using the electronic shop and any transaction through it, as well as any telephone order for products.

If you have registered with inaccurate or incomplete data or if you try to use someone else’s identity when you dispatch information on-line, all information – including the IP address – shall be open to investigation.   In such a case, www.zeliacosmetics.com reserves the right to cancel your order without notice.

If any of the Terms and Conditions or their integral parts is proven to be contrary to the legal provisions above or it is not valid any more, it automatically ceases to be in force and it is removed from or amended and incorporated in these terms, without, in any case, affecting the validity of the remaining terms. For your updating concerning any changes to the content of this and to the personal data protection policy in force, you should read this regularly.


Everything contained in this website (logos, graphics, photographs, texts, banners,  website design, software, etc.) are the property of  ΖЄLIA – HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS and protected by Greek, European and International legislation. It is forbidden to change or amend the website, the content or services appearing on it, or in any way harm its integrity or operation.  If you breach, due to negligence or malice, any of the binding terms included in the Terms and Conditions and their integral parts, you will be liable for all damages and losses caused, as a consequence, to  ΖЄLIA – HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS and its partners.

It is forbidden to partly or fully republish or, generally, reproduce or retransmit the content of the website, to store its contents on a data base or to transmit it in electronic, physical or any other format, in the original or translation or other adaptation and modification of its form, content and appearance, to copy, sell or resell it without prior written consent by www.zeliacosmetics.com and obligatory reference made to its source.

The name, logo or any other property asset that belongs to www.zeliacosmetics.com electronic shop may not be used for promotion and advertising purposes nor may its reputation and clientele be used without prior written consent by www.zeliacosmetics.com.


Hyper-links appearing on the www.zeliacosmetics.com website, have been included merely to facilitate your Internet navigation; they lead to third party websites, the content and policy of which are not under our control. Consequently, access to these hyper-links is exclusively your own choice and responsibility.


According to European Directive11/2013, which was incorporated into Greek legislation with Joint Ministerial Decision  70330/2015 and concerns extra-judicial resolution of disputes between consumers and online & offline enterprises, we would like to inform you that the agencies for alternative dispute resolutions are as follows:

www.zeliacosmetics.com may use cookies as part of the facilitation and operation of its website services. Cookies are small text files sent to and kept in the user’s electronic computer, allowing websites to operate smoothly and without technical problems, to collect multiple choices made by the user, to recognise frequent users, to facilitate their access and to collect data so as to improve the website content.  Cookies do no harm to users’ computers or the files stored in them. We use cookies to provide you with information and process your orders. When you leave the site, cookies are automatically deleted.  Please, keep in mind that cookies are absolutely necessary for the www.zeliacosmetics.com website to operate properly without problems.


Products manufactured by ZЄLIA – HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS are made and packaged at the company’s top quality laboratory,  which is fully compliant with GMP standards and regulations, as described in detail in ΕΝ ISO 22716:2007. All raw materials used to manufacture the cosmetics are properly certified under CoA, MSDS and TDS, while they also undergo microbiological and quality controls, both internally and externally, through cooperation with the laboratories of accredited agency QACS Ltd. For any query regarding the nature and use recommended for our products or concerning your order, you can contact us by sending a message to the following electronic address: zelia@www.zeliacosmetics.com. It will be our pleasure to serve you in person!


All information presented on www.zeliacosmetics.com website is exclusively for information or educational purposes.  The information/properties reported are about product ingredients and are based on relevant scientific literature and research. In no case do they replace the opinion, diagnosis or treatment plan your attending physician may choose so as to cure, treat or prevent any disease or condition. Please, seek the scientific advice of your physician or other health professional and never ignore it simply because you read something different on line. According to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council for cosmetic products with cosmetic properties are not a diagnostic tool or pharmaceutical treatment for skin conditions.   When accepting or using any information appearing on www.www.zeliacosmetics.com you are doing so exclusively at your own responsibility.


Your interaction with ΖЄLIA – HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS social media means you unreservedly accept to comply with the legislation in force, respect public decency, the principles referred to in these Terms and the rights of other users. It is forbidden to spread offensive and libellous content or content that violates privacy rights or is of a political, nationalistic, proselytising, indecent, malicious or prohibited nature.

Please, inform the company concerning any communication you become aware of that violates the Code of Ethics for Internet Conduct (Netiquette), at: zelia@www.zeliacosmetics.com


ZЄLIA – HERBAL HOLISTIC COSMETICS reserves the right to cancel, change or expand the features of its products, or its pricing policy without prior notice. In any case, if prices change, the customer is asked to pay the amount indicated on the date the order was placed, regardless of the delivery date.

Product prices are inclusive of VAT (24%) and are all expressed in Euro (€).  Product offers at any given time are valid until the relevant stock is exhausted or until the offer period expires.

The prices of the electronic shop may differ from those at a physical shop. In no case does the company have any responsibility nor does it cover the difference in price for products bought at a physical shop before a lower price was discovered at the electronic shop and vice versa.

Every so often, www.zeliacosmetics.com may offer discounts or free discount coupons to its clientele, which offer either discount on the total amount or discount on specific products.  Discount coupons have an expiry data and concern only purchases from the specific electronic shop.


Product availability is updated quite frequently.  However, if a product on your order is not immediately available, you will be informed by e-mail or on the phone about the exact delivery date. If you agree on the new delivery time, you need to inform us by e-mail or on the phone, so that your order may be executed.  If you are not happy with the new terms of your order execution, then it will be cancelled.

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