Skincare tips for everyone!

Your skincare routine steps

♥ Make sure you cleanse your face every night before you go to bed. The combination of natural oiliness and makeup create a film that traps pollutants and enhances microbial growth! Systematic cleansing decongests skin pores and provides rejuvenation and glow!
♥ Avoid touching your face! Studies show that on average a person touches their face more than 15 times an hour, transferring bacteria from their hands. Are you one of them?
♥ Remember to change your pillowcase often. Our pillowcase is one of the few things in direct contact with our face – it should be as clean as our skin!
♥ Make sure you cleanse your face not only after but also BEFORE you visit the gym. That way you can enjoy your physical exercise with a clean skin that does not shine.
♥ If you spend time on an impeccable make-up and have chosen the best brushes for this task, do not forget to wash them regularly using your face cleanser and warm water. What are the benefits?

  • You will be using a product to clean the brushes that is definitely suitable for your face
  • Οiliness and pollutants will be removed just like they are removed from your skin
  • Rinsing your brushes will be quick and easy. There will be no worries about residues of other cleaning agents unsuitable for the skin!

DIONE Active Facial Cleansing Foam ensures effective cleansing and support for your skin, because:

♥ It removes sebum, make-up and dirt without causing irritation;
♥ Contributes decisively to maintaining balanced oiliness without causing dehydration;
♥ It contains hamamelis, known for its styptic and anti-inflammatory action;
♥ It contains sage, which has antiseptic properties;
♥ It contains panthenol, which has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

HINT: Never forget to apply a moisturizing agent after cleansing your face. It could be a day or night cream, oil, serum or a combination of these, depending on your skin needs. Whatever you choose will be better absorbed by clean skin!

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