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ZЄLIA | Hand & Rough Skin Balsam ‘CHARIS’ – 50 ml

99,1% ingredients from natural sources and vitamins - 50 ml
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ZELIA | Repairing, silicones free hair mask ‘DIONE’ – 250 ml

Herbal restorative hair mask with 94.5% ingredients from natural sources & vitamins.
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ZЄLIA | Serum MESO CARE with Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C & Plant Stem Cells ‘APHRODITE’ – 30 ml

30 ml – MESO CARE Serum with Hyaluronic Acid of three different molecular weight, Vitamin C, and Plant Stem Cells
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ZЄLIA | Day Cream with Q10 & Copper peptide ‘EROFILI’ -50 ml

A moisturizing day cream with Collagen & Elastin bio-energizing factors, suitable for women and men, vegans, and all skin types or ages 20+.
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ZЄLIA | Anti-wrinkle Day Cream with peptides ‘APHRODITE’ – 50 ml

Innovative composition with peptides, plant stem cells and copper, with high performance in antioxidant protection, tightening and repairing the scars of time. It doesn't contain silicones.
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ZЄLIA | Shea Butter (Karite) ‘ELADION’ – 300ml

Shea Butter for hydration and tightening of mature, tired and dry - dehydrated skin.
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ZЄLIA | Macadamia Ternifolia Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

Macadamia oil with softening, nourishing and moisturizing properties for dry and dehydrated hair and skin. Suitable for massage, refreshes the skin.
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ZЄLIA | Laurus Nobilis Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

NEW! For the treatment of dry or oily skin and hair with hair loss or dandruff.
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ZЄLIA | Crambe Abyssinica Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

NEW! Abyssinica oil that offers hydration, shine and health to every type of skin and damaged hair.
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ZЄLIA | Organic Linseed Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

Linseed oil is an excellent product for dry, irritated, dehydrated skin. It protects the skin from strong wind, low temperatures, bright sun.
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ZЄLIA | Monoi de Tahiti Infused Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 50 ml

Monoi de Tahiti oil is an exotic, mildly aromatic oil produced in Polynesia. It is extracted from fresh gardenia flowers in coconut oil. It is rich in fatty acids, but also antioxidants.
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ZЄLIA | Jojoba Oil Organic with Vitamin E ‘ELADION -100 ml

Organic liquid wax, ideal for acne, dry skin, eczema, oily hair and hair loss.
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ZЄLIA | Organic Αvocado oil with vitamin Ε ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

Organic Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that help the skin stay smooth, strong and supple.  
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