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ZELIA | Repairing, silicones free hair mask ‘DIONE’ – 250 ml

Herbal restorative hair mask with 94.5% ingredients from natural sources & vitamins.
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ZЄLIA | Laurus Nobilis Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

NEW! For the treatment of dry or oily skin and hair with hair loss or dandruff.
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ZЄLIA | Jojoba Oil Organic with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ -100 ml

Organic liquid wax, ideal for acne, dry skin, eczema, oily hair and hair loss.
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ZЄLIA | Organic Arnica Oil with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ -50 ml

An ideal oil for pains in muscles and joints and for hair-loss.
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ZЄLIA | Organic Αvocado oil with vitamin Ε ‘ELADION’ – 100 ml

Organic Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that help the skin stay smooth, strong and supple.  
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ZЄLIA | Organic Baoab Oil Cold Pressed with Vitamin E ‘ELADION’ – 50 ml

Baobab oil is ideal for nourishing, hydrating, protecting and restoring the hydrolipid balance. Suitable for both dry and sensitive skin, as well as for oily skin with a tendency to acne.
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