Have you made your acquaintance with Aphrodite? Part III

So, Aphrodite wondered: How healthy can any skin be when it goes to bed … without any nourishment?

And she created the Multi-Vitamin Night Cream to fully nourish and restore facial skin during the night. Its composition is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and promotes skin metabolism, while also protecting from numerous ageing signs.

Not only does the cream significantly improve discolouration, due to freckles and spots, which most of us acquire during spring and summer, but it also prevents new ones forming, thanks to its carefully selected plant ingredients.

You are in for a wonderful surprise when you look at yourself in the mirror the following morning! You will recognise how significant true night nourishment is for your skin and night care will become a part of your daily skin care you will never miss.

Why not get to know Aphrodite right now? It’s only a click away!