Have you made your acquaintance with Aphrodite? Part I

You must have heard of Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of beauty. Here, at ZЄLIA, it is another Aphrodite who inspired us, a restless woman, active, intelligent and creative, eager to resolve the world’s problems. As well as those of your skin!

So, she created the original Aphrodite line of top-quality facial care products.  She worked for 3 years, with passion, love and dedication to develop the products of this line. Yes, you read correctly: 3 entire years!  And she is now proud to present to you the Aphrodite Line for facial care, with three top products that give you all you need for 24/7 skin care.

It all started with the ‘Anti-wrinkle & firming face cream, an innovative product for the Greek market, since it combines numerous natural ingredients with selected active biotechnology agents, making the cream uniquely effective. The pioneering composition of this cream provides antioxidant protection and restoration of signs time leaves on the skin and gradually repairs weathered skin tissues. It increases the thickness of the skin top layer and softens fine lines and wrinkles.   The cream is enriched with herbs, extracts, two types of plant blastocytes, a combination of firming peptides, vitamins and trace elements that help regulate skin cell activity and enhance natural collagen and elastin production.  The cream will look after you throughout the day, providing hydration, fighting wrinkles, firming and lifting the skin!

Why not get to know the ‘Anti-wrinkle & firming face cream of Aphrodite line now? It’s only a click away!

To be continued in the next post!

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