Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine lived in the 3rd century in Rome. In the Middle Ages, at a time when knight-love was flourishing, this day was associated with the symbolism of serene love. The lovers expressed their love with flowers, gifts, erotic notes, and even keys, as a romantic symbol of an “unlocking heart” invitation.

William Shakespeare reminds us that “They do not love, that do not show their love.” in his work “Two Gentlemen from Verona”.

So, since Valentine’s Day on February 14 has been established as a celebration of lovers, they are worth a gift, which will remind them of how loved and important they are to each other.

We in ZЄLIA, dedicated to taking care of good skin health and appearance, propose a  gift for your partner or for both of you with our products that combine harmoniously the wisdom of nature with modern cosmetic science.

  • One of our suggestions is the Nature’s Fresh Gift Box. It is a combination of the cleansing foam “DIONE” that removes environmental pollutants, sebum and makeup, with “EROFILI“, our Antioxidant, Refreshing, Collagen & Elastin Bio-energizing Day Cream with Q10. Both of the products are suitable for women and men up to 35 years. It’s a special gift because it will become an essential part of the daily care routine for both of you. You will notice  daily a more and more refreshed and shining skin. Get to know the nature encapsulated in Nature’s Fresh Gift Box and see your partner shine next to you!!
  • Another suggestion of ours  is the Nature’s Lifting Gift Box. It is suitable for both men and women over 35 who want to grow beautifully and not allow time to leave its marks on their skin, or successfully erase some of the existing. The Nature’s Lifting Gift Box is the most effective tool, as it combines two premium products of the “APHRODITE” line that consist of a powerful blend of six biotechnological ingredients. The set includes our firming anti-wrinkle face cream and our notorious eye cream. These two products complement each other holistically. They smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, offer tightening, radiance, contour correction, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, uplift eyelashes and enhance the natural production of collagen and elastin. It’s your effective ally for the fight against time!

And because we should express our care and love with actions every day of the year, let’s remember to organize from time to time a short trip for two, or a romantic dinner. Let’s remember to smile often, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and to be thankful for the love we share in our lives, that makes them beautiful as time goes by…

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