Facial care – Your daily routine

We are often asked the order in which your favourite facial care products should be used. This is what we propose:

First step: Cleansing

We recommend you should cleanse your skin thoroughly in the evening so that cleansing can remove pollutants, sweat, sebum, sunscreen, and makeup traces at the end of the day. This is the proper preparation for your skin to receive the benefits of your facial cream or serum.ZELIA ΑΦΡΟΣ ΚΑΘΑΡΙΣΜΟΥ

An ideal solution for deep cleansing is an antiseptic cleansing foam without sulphates or, alternatively, a dry oil, such as Abyssinian oil.

All you need in the morning is a simple facial wipe using flower-water, micellar water, or toner.   This way, natural lipid compounds remain in the skin and its pH, its natural acidity, is restored.

Second step: Application of facial care products

An easy way to remember the order in which products should be applied is their texture.  For example:

Serums in aquatic form have a light texture and are applied before the day or night cream. If they are used after it, the cream will create a barrier that will not allow the serum to be absorbed by the epidermis.

Serums in oily form are chosen based on the type of your skin. Sometimes they can replace your cream, but if your skin is too dry, they can be applied after the cream to restore skin hydrolipidic balance. Serums in oily form should not really be applied before the facial cream. However, they should be applied before the sunscreen.

Eye creams or gels

They are used to tackle black circles, swelling below the eyes, eyelid laxity or goose foot wrinkles. These problems appear because the skin around the eyes is thin with few sebum glands. Eye creams and gels help with one or most of the problems described. Using such products in the morning and in the evening ensures healthy, lively and, as far as this is possible, youthful eyes.

Day creams and Sunscreens

Day creams can be hydrating, regenerative, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant or may combine all these properties. They are, however, absolutely necessary for skin care for both women and men, whatever their skin type.

Our skin is assaulted throughout the day with harmful UV radiation, atmospheric pollution -indoors and outdoors- bacteria and the weather. In other words, the skin is always in a defensive mode. A day cream protects facial skin from some of the harmful factors and prevents its early ageing.

Naturally, the basic necessary product for daily protection against harmful UV radiation is the sunscreen; we recommend an SPF 30 product.

Another choice is a sunscreen with hydrating properties or colour, so that it can also be used as a day cream on sunny days. Generally speaking, the sunscreen is applied after the day cream or the serum in oil form. However, sunscreen must be removed in the evening with thorough facial cleansing, before applying the night cream.

Night creams

During the day our skin is in a defensive mode against environmental assaults but during the night the skin rests, repairs the damage it suffered and regenerates.  This is why our night care products are our allies! They provide nourishment, vitamins, substances that enhance restoration of daily harm and many other benefits! Many women and men friends ask us what the right age to start using a night cream is. There is no magic number, but a reasonable time to start is around twenty-five years.

Let us now turn to specialised night care products:

Products that aim at improving acne symptoms act over several hours to provide effective results, so they should be applied at night after the face has been cleansed.

Retinol and its derivatives, which stimulate collagen synthesis and significantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and some forms of acne, increase skin sensitivity to solar radiation. This is why they should be used exclusively at night and a sunscreen is absolutely necessary in the morning.

As a matter of principle, there must be an interval of 30-60 seconds between steps of facial care so that each product can be absorbed before the next one is applied.

Third step: Exfoliation

Exfoliation (scrub) may not be part of your routine, or you may perform it once a week. Exfoliation is usually performed to remove dead cells so that facial care products can be absorbed better by the skin. You need to be careful if your skin is too dry or sensitive because exfoliation may cause inflammation or irritation, both of which accelerate skin ageing. If you use products containing fruit acids or b-hydro-acids, retinol, and its derivatives, you do not need exfoliation!

 Fourth step: Masks

There are numerous types of masks, such as nourishing, regenerative, hydrating and so on. If you choose to apply a mask, you should apply it once a week for twenty to thirty minutes.

 Daily routing facial care products
  1. ZЄLIA | ‘APHRODITE’ MESO CARE Serum with Hyaluronic acid & vitamin C

For women and men from 5 to 70+

This revitalising serum hydrates, enhances collagen production and visibly brightens the skin. Hyaluronic acid offers immediate deep hydration; vitamin C and plant stem cells cooperate to restore harm caused by free radicals and enhance cellular renewal, which increases skin elasticity.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘EROFILI’ Day cream containing Q10 & copper peptide with amino acids

For women and men from 18 to 35+

A light antioxidant cream with deeply hydrating ingredients and natural compounds for exceptionally soft and glowing skin.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘APHRODITE’ Anti-wrinkle day cream

For women and men from 35 to 70+

This velvety mild formula contains a powerful combination of lipids, plant stem cells, peptides, and herbs with targeted benefits against ageing: they provide lifting, non-invasive ‘botox treatment’ effect, and improve your skin appearance and tone. In the short-term the skin appears smoother and healthier, and, with time, your skin becomes firmer and brighter.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘APHRODITE’ Eye Contour cream

For women and men from 25 to 70+

This is a pioneering anti-ageing treatment, specifically developed for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Eye cream softens black circles, swelling and persisting goose foot wrinkles or imperfections caused by solar radiation, stress, and environmental pollutants. The cream enhances five youth characteristics, namely: a bright look, elasticity, firmness, skin tone and softness.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘HELIATOR’ Facial Sunscreen SPF 30

For women and men of all ages

This is a facial sunscreen providing total solar protection for all skin types: a combination of natural and safe organic sun-protecting filters that also offer anti-oxidating protection to face and body; ‘HELIATOR’ is enriched with hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients. No silicones, no bi- or tri-methicones, no polyamides (Nylon 12), no polymers (PVP/VA Copolymers); ‘HELIATOR’ is both skin- and eco-friendly. It absorbs or reflect 97% of UVB radiation and protects the skin against UVA.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘DIONE’ Facial Cleansing Foam

For women and men from 15 to 75+

‘DIONE’ Face Cleansing Foam by ZЄLIA has a clinically advanced composition developed at the laboratory of ZЄLIA Herbal Holistic Cosmetics to provide deep cleansing, remove sebum, pollutants and make-up and leave the skin soft and hydrated.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘ELADION’ Dry Facial Oil with anti-wrinkle ingredients

For women and men from 25 to 75+

This is a premium oil, rich in fatty acids and aminoacids, which enhances cell oxygenation and contributes to the revitalisation of the skin, while reinforcing its hydrolipidic balance. ‘ELADION’ was designed to offer firmness and to visibly enhance the skin, while reinforcing its hydrolipidic barrier and natural defence against harmful free radicals.


  1. ZЄLIA | ‘APHRODITE’ Whitening-Nourishing Night Cream

For women and men from 25 to 75+

An exceptionally rich and condensed formula that turns the night into your ally in revitalising facial skin. Easily absorbed, it nourishes your skin in your sleep and hydrates it, while softening spots, blotches, wrinkles, and soft lines.



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